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Tiger Tiger Teriyaki Sauce Bottle Next to Sushi Rice Packet
Pink Japan Postal Stamp

With its rich heritage of regional and traditional foods, Japanese cuisine is renowned the world over for its unique variety of styles and flavours, the artistry of its dishes and its focus on healthier eating.
From sushi to sashimi, rice to ramen and yakitori to udon, we’ve got all the ingredients you need to recreate your favourite dishes at home.

We bring you only the most authentic flavours and ingredients so start your culinary adventure today and let us help you discover the wonder and excitement of Japanese cooking.

Tiger Tiger Foods Thai Sweet Plum Sauce & Thai Green Curry Quick Cook Sauce
Teal Kingdom Of Thailand Postal Stamp

Thai cookery doesn’t do bland! Intense, aromatic and powerful flavours combine to deliver dishes unlike those found anywhere else in the world, while the careful balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour that is Thai cuisine creates unforgettable – and totally delicious – meal experiences. Now you can create the essence of Thailand in the comfort of your own home with help from our range of classic Thai ingredients.

With flavours like these, good things are bound to happen. Be braver with flavour.

Tiger Tiger Foods Easy Ginger Paste & Dark Soy Sauce Bottle
China Postal Stamp in black

Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest in the world – evidence of noodles has been found to date back 4,000 years! – and there’s no denying that food is an integral part of Chinese culture. To help bring one of the most exciting and best-loved global cuisines out of the East and into YOUR kitchen, we’ve travelled thousands of miles across China sourcing the highest quality and most authentic ingredients to help you cook with fun, flair and flavour!

So, whether you prefer the classic sweet & sours of southern China, the saltier dishes of the north or the hot and spicy taste of the western region, unleash the Tiger today!

Tiger Tiger Foods Rogan Josh & Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce Packets
Purple India Postal Stamp

Indian cuisine is a treasure trove of rich and diverse flavours. Whether you prefer it off the scale or as a milder option, Indian food can be as simple or as complex as you care to make it. One thing’s for sure though, the flavour you get out will only ever be as good as the ingredients you put in. So make sure you add a generous spoonful of Tiger Tiger experience, quality and authenticity to your recipes for Indian food that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. We do the hard work so you can take the credit.

Life’s too short for ordinary.